May 12, 2020

Your Fear of Rejection

Over the last few posts, I’ve talked about several of the things that can affect your emotional state.
That’s so important when it comes to selling. You have to attain mastery over your emotions so you can understand yourself and the client. Only then can you build the relationships that ultimately lead to more sales.
Now, failure to master those emotions will create fear.

And perhaps one of the biggest fears that salespeople experience is the fear of rejection.
You’re scared that the client’s going to say no. Worse yet, you’re scared that they’re not going to like you. After all, if they don’t like you, they’re not going to do business with you.
A lot of salespeople allow this fear to dictate their actions.They need their clients and their peers to hold them in high regard. So, they try to make everybody a friend before they make them a client.
That’s not what building a relationship is all about when it comes to sales.

You’re not looking to make friends, though you may do so along the way. You’re looking to make sales.
Your client knows what you’re looking for. And all they need to see is that what you’re selling offers value and that they can trust you.
But your fear of rejection gets in the way of that.
This fear makes you chase the friendship too hard.

This creates a great irony in that the harder you chase, the further away your goal seems to get.
Clients can sense neediness on you, which isn’t what they’re looking for.
Remember that they’ve come to you with a problem that they need help solving. If you’re so scared of rejection that you come across as desperate or needy, they’re not going to see you as a problem solver.

So, they’re going to say “no” and try another solution.
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