Understanding the Problem
Frontier offers sales training to develop your skills, habits and behaviours to read people, control your emotions and develop a winning attitude within your team to continuously increase sales. We help business leaders develop strong teams to take their business to new levels of sales success.
The Emotional Roller Coaster
The Emotional Rollercoaster affects everything - from your job to your personal life. Managing your emotions is key to success as a salesperson. Our training empowers you with tools to understand and control your emotions.
4 Steps To Master Persuasion
You must READ people to Lead people. The READ formula was developed by Pancho Mehrotra for salespeople who want to evolve their skills, career opportunities and income to unprecedented levels. The READ formula follows a logical step by step process to take the salesperson's skills and capabilities to the level of Master Persuader.
What Our Clients Say About Us
It’s a pleasure to have Pancho training our staff, particularly this current client. What we’ve found, Pancho is giving our group the ability to understand the selling technique instead of taking for granted.
I am very very happy to have Pancho on board, training. Our sales team has become really responsive.
What I’ve learned over the past several weeks with Pancho is, you’re learning how to treat and handle every customer differently. It’s a major asset to us.
What I have found is that Pancho has been very different to a lot of the people that I have dealt with as far as my training, coaching and mentoring. It comes very highly recommended. I know that I’ve made massive changes with my work.
We have engaged with Pancho’s program for the past 12-18 months and in that time I have seen tremendous growth in many of the members of my teams. What I like about Pancho’s style and what Pancho does is, that it’s training for life. It teaches people to deal with issues they may not just have in the workplace or teaches them to close better but also teaches them how to deal with their family better. I know certainly for myself it has helped me to understand my older son a lot better. So it is added value both at home life and at work.
I think it’s been valuable for us. I have been in this industry a long time – over 30 years – and you think you know too much to learn new things. Well you’re wrong. Pancho’s stuff has helped us get more business and been very valuable to us.
I’ve probably had a 25% increase in my sales.
Certainly take it up and I think you will find it very valuable.
Well worth a look at, well worth a listen to. It’s very powerful stuff when you work out what you can do with it.
John Cooper
I don’t think it is any coincidence that the training has helped me benefit greatly.
This has been a much more productive experience than I could have ever imagined. You know how awesome is that? That’s just awesome, I love that. If you are considering using Pancho and the team, I could not recommend them highly enough.
Peter Grant
I have been using Pancho since I started this business 5 years ago – I find his sales techniques and strategies very effective and are continually developing my sales team. This is not a one off course it is a continuous process the minimum investment is 12 months for me to get my team to the level I am looking for.
We have been working with Frontier for over 12 months now and I feel he gives my sales team the edge.
The members enjoyed your presentation and rated it 8.4 out of a possible 10.
The CEO Institute
Thanks to Pancho, we’ve got a well versed and well productive sales team here at Sylvania BMW. We have been using Pancho’s sales techniques now for 12 months in the dealership (BMW) and the sales team have really adopted the techniques and the styles that Pancho has handed them, giving them the motivation to think outside the box to give a different spin on how to adapt within the sales environment and think quick off their feet.
Ever since Pancho’s training has come into play in terms of the knowledge that I am getting..its brilliant. It’s teaching me things you can not only use in work life but in your personal life as well.
Pancho's Story

As Frontier’s principal and founder, Pancho brings considerable experience gained over 30 years of corporate sales success. He marries his passion for psychology with his business experience to help others achieve the results they want.He has undertaken formal and self-guided training in a wide range of disciplines including social psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-linguistic training, hypnosis and traditional emotional therapy.

One of Pancho’s key strengths is his ability to draw on the theories of psychology and translate them into practical and implementable strategies. To do this, he draws on his diverse business and personal experiences, from owning SMEs (small/medium sized businesses) through to working at the highest levels in corporate Australia and New Zealand.

Pancho’s knowledge of the psychology of winning and his on-going collaboration with leading behavioural and clinical psychologists means his programs are always evolving to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge.

Pancho has authored a host of training, mentoring and development programmes as well as speaking professionally on the psychology in sales and optimum professional performance, both in Australia and internationally.

Complimentary Sales Diagnostic Session

We offer a complimentary sales diagnostic training session on the Psychology in Selling which will show you:

  • Why your people disconnect with certain types of people.
  • Why they ride an emotional coaster every month.
  • Why your salespeople can’t break their old ineffective sales habits and embrace new habits that work.

*Conditions apply. Frontier Performance reserves the right to decline a complimentary session should they feel it to be a poor fit.

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