May 11, 2020

You Control Your Reality

I spoke about the cause and effect statuses in a previous post.
I want to build on that and talk about your reality. Let me ask you a question:
Are you in control of your reality?

Most salespeople aren’t. They’re in the effect status, which means they’re allowing external forces to create their reality for them.
For example, you have a bad meeting with a client. That negative experience has an impact on your emotional well being as you go into a meeting with the next client.
The effect of the previous meeting manifests itself as negative actions on your part. Thus, you’re not in control of the sales situation.

You lose another client, which means the effect multiplies. Now, you’re completely at the mercy of these negative thoughts. Fear starts to grow and your behaviors reflect your lack of control.
Desperation creeps into your attempts to sell. You start attacking the client instead of the problem.

And again, you get rejected more and fall deeper into the downward spiral.
That’s the danger of losing control of your reality. Letting external forces, whether they’re other people or just things that happen, influence you means you’re going to struggle.
Now, here’s the concept that most salespeople struggle with.
You are the person who controls the reality that you’re living at the present moment.
Nobody has an influence on that reality except for you.

So, these negative external forces aren’t affecting your reality on their own. They’re only having an impact because you’re allowing them to.
And therein lies the answer to the question I posed earlier.
You are in control of your reality. That means it’s you who are allowing yourself to be in the effect status.

It’s time to make a change.
That’s where Frontier Performance comes in. We specialize in helping salespeople harness their emotions so they can become the cause of their own reality.
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