July 06, 2023

Why You Should Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions to Yourself

A resolution.

A gift.

Why you shouldn’t even bother telling anyone about your New Years resolutions?

Why you ask?
Well from experience I’ve heard many people talk about how they’re going to do this and do that … and a couple of months down the track there’s no evidence of anything being actioned.

We all know life throws a considerable number of challenges our way. Many lack the awareness that from these challenges they can learn and make a massive difference going forward.

How we respond to those challenges will determine if we progress or not, whether we learn, or keep doing the same thing and hope the result will be different.

If you’re making the same mistakes, it’s an indication that you haven’t learnt from those. Unfortunately, it’s likely you’ll continue making them.

Here’s an idea. Why not prevent the problem before it becomes a problem in the first place?

If you want to eliminate failure learn from it.

Apply a bit of intelligence and courage to your game, instead of following the popular path? Start with becoming aware of some of your personality traits and how you function.

Find out the ideal way to go after your goals, do you work better with a target set for you or does setting your own targets motivate and give you a sense of certainty?

Here’s a gift for you to do this.
The Emotional Intelligence quiz to find your S.A.L.E. personality …
Find out about your strengths and weaknesses and what you should do to move forward with your strengths and challenges.
Develop an understanding of you.

I have included the link in the bio and comments.

Get strategic instead of getting emotional… you might find yourself making better decisions rather than decisions based on feelings with no substance, but an addiction to instant gratification.
Tough decisions need you to develop your psychology rather than wishing for a good life.