April 13, 2020

Why Sales Is a Contact Sport (And What Sales Managers Can Learn From Top Coaches)

Salespeople go head-to-head with their prospects every day. They need to be tough and overpower them if they want to win.

This is why there are many similarities between sales and contact sports. Except that the contact is mental instead of physical.

Therefore, there are many things that sales leaders can learn from coaches. Let’s see what they are.

1.Preparation Is Key

Every sports team adjusts its strategy according to the opponent. This is how they gain the upper hand in order to outplay the opposing team.

Similarly, salespeople need to prepare for everything that a prospect can throw at them. They need to know every single thing about their offer and be quick on their feet. As soon as the prospect catches you by surprise, you risk losing them.

2.Follow the Leader Until You Become One

Every athlete needs to find the right way of playing. To do this, they look at the best of the best and try to model what they do. Through trial and error, they identify and refine what works best for them.

Salespeople should do the same if they want to find the right pitch. There’s nothing wrong with doing what others have done if you can put your own twist on it. You can take some of the techniques that top salespeople use and see what you can do to improve on them.

3.Give Your Team Some Independence

Although a football coach trains the team, they don’t go out on the field with them. They don’t hold their hands but rather let them work on themselves.

This is an important lesson that sales leaders need to learn. While you need to show your team the right way, you need to let them take over on their own. Let them reflect on their technique and see how they can improve it.

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