December 08, 2023

Why Do Hired Salespeople Often Underperform?

Why do so many salespeople fall short after they’re hired?

Why do salespeople who interview excellently, seem motivated to achieve, and have tons of energy so often fail to live up to their potential once they’ve been hired?

And what can you do to make sure that you’re not pouring your time into hires that will fall short of your expectations?

We’ve all hired someone we thought was going to be a superstar, only to have them turn out to be a mediocre performer—or sometimes worse—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The secret is finding people who will be responsive to filling in the gaps in their performance—and understanding what motivates them to improve.

So, first off, what should you look for when making a new hire? A key variable is ‘coachable orientation’.

We’re sure you’ve trained someone who, when given feedback for improvement, responded with dismay.

Sure, sometimes your approach can play a role in how feedback is received, but often that resentment is actually the result of a low coachability score.

A team member with low coachability can spell increased stress and lower performance.

Conversely, a coachable salesperson is open to feedback and is curious about what is holding them back.

They want to learn from their mistakes, and they ask questions about how to improve.

They’re proactive.

Often, they’re keen to teach others as well, making them a potential future leader or role model.

Essentially, they aren’t driven by their ego, but by figuring out what works.

What's your take on this?