April 15, 2020

What Sales Managers Can Learn From Aaron Rodgers (And 3 Tips to Follow)

When you first look at him, Aaron Rodgers may not look like a Superbowl champion or a formidable athlete. That’s until he gets out on the field.

He often keeps to himself and you won’t see him in the media that often. But his teammates know the value of his contribution.

Because of Rodgers’ winner’s mindset, there’s a lot that sales leaders can learn from him. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about success.

1.‘Slowing things down in my mind helps’

Rodgers isn’t one to panic. Even when the stakes are sky-high, he knows how to keep a clear head. This is why he’s able to create so many big plays.

Salespeople have to juggle all kinds of thoughts all the time. They need to answer questions, predict the next one, and stay ahead of the prospect every step of the way.

To keep the momentum, take a step back and clear your mind a bit. You’ll see how much more effortlessly it becomes when you make your next pitch.

2.‘I’ve always seemed to have my best performances when I’m under the most pressure’

Every player, including Rodgers, has made mediocre plays. But when it matters the most, Rodger knows how to push his limits and give it his all.

The world of sales is high-pressure by default. To thrive in it, salespeople need to learn how to shoulder a heavy load. The moment when you think everything is too much is when you need to push through.

3.‘I’m driven to be the best’

When it comes to his aspirations, Rodgers is anything but humble. He knows that he wants to be the best, and he doesn’t hide it.

This is the exact attitude that salespeople need. The drive to be the best version of yourself needs to come from within. When it projects outward, success will follow.

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