May 07, 2024

What Most Salespeople Are Not Aware Of

So, here’s the critical part that most people are not aware of:

• The training mentality is impatient.
• The trusting mentality is patient.

Most salespeople spend all their time in the training mentality and in such a hurry to master what they’ve learnt and apply it in their sales meetings.

Then when they don’t execute it well in a meeting, it affects their confidence, but the worst thing is they lose the trust in their ability to learn and improve.

In the tennis example, as players get closer to a tournament, they engage in more trusting training versus technique work.

You need to be taught both training systems to become a master in your field.
One system works on techniques, and one works on performing under pressure and trusting yourself.

The biggest problem is salespeople are not taught to trust themselves or to
improvise and change things up, which is often reflected in their consistently below- par results.

Can you imagine a top sportsperson doing the same thing year in and year out without moving ahead?

So how can you improve and perform consistently at a high level?

The answer is simple:

• Spend 40 per cent of your time on training mentality, executing your sales process, executing your sales lines and preparing to present.
• Spend 60 per cent of your time in the trusting mentality. This can be fine- tuned in training sessions, practising with colleagues and implementing at every opportunity.

Now there are specific guidelines that we have developed that focus on continuous improvement and are targeted to improve memory recall and comprehension and understanding.

I have always found that when you understand something, you can recall it faster and, importantly, apply it when required.

This requires trust.