May 28, 2024

What is the Psychology of Personal Performance?

One of the most important aspects of achieving your goals is first to decide what they are and why you want them in the first place…and be prepared to change them if necessary.
The session is designed to motivate you but also make you think

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve seen salespeople face is they can spend a lot of energy, time and money on the wrong goals to realise that they’ve wasted their time.
It’s quite common for the salespeople in our sessions within minutes of writing their goals down to realise it’s not what they really want.
In fact, in another session with a different client, one of the salespeople came up to me and told me that within20 minutes of writing his goals he had to go back as he felt disconnected with those goals and wrote new ones.
This is when the unconscious minds starts to guide your decision making, its unfortunate most people think to consciously when it comes to goal setting. You miss the real opportunities.

An important aspect of this session is when people write their goals is to examine the language they use and the self-talk inside their heads. This is what creates your reality. Before you write, you think and then you feel and it can also happen the other way around. This is what IS CALLED mind body connection.

Its what we call those “Aha” moments.
Usually when this happens a profound shift occurs in your thinking and it can lead to amazing insights, a change in strategy which are very important in our lives.

In the session I explained why SMART goals don’t motivate and that they’re primarily a left-brain exercise. Will can you imagine Steve Jobs going through a SMART goal format to create an iPhone as his goal? Not likely, yet countless companies do this and wonder why most people never hit those goals AND if they do, they soon burn out.

They use all their willpower to drive themselves forward and at some point, they break. Willpower is a limited resource, which soon gets exhausted.

What you really want is to focus on continuous improvement and becoming better at certain aspects of your role and having fun, that is when you develop patience and resilience, they go hand in hand.
This is often called the “Flow State” and the flow state only comes when your are relaxed and having fun.
So, my question is:
Where are you going to in your sales career and in your life?
How will you get there?
What type of salesperson do you want to become?