May 15, 2020

What is a Goal?

There are certain things that need to exist for something to be a goal.
It needs to have an observable action that leads to the desired end result.
That means you need to be able to see that you’ve done something to obtain that result. Or, you didn’t get the result but you can see what you need to adapt to get it next time.
You may have also heard of the SMART acronym when it comes to goals.

This tells you that a goal needs to be:

But I think that there’s something missing from that.
Yes, a goal needs to be all of those things. However, it also needs to be Motivational.
It has to be something that fires you up so much that you’re compelled to keep pushing towards it. I spoke about this in a previous email that looked at the motivators behind goals. This something doesn’t have to come from a negative influence. The goal itself must be a strong enough motivator to compel you to achieve it.

Finally, there’s another key thing that I see in a lot of good goals.
They don’t need to make sense, to a certain extent.
For example, you might know somebody who wants to climb Mt. Everest. That goal doesn’t make sense in the respect that people die when trying to climb Everest. This person has a goal that’s going to put them in mortal danger.
But hundreds of people try to climb Everest every year.
That’s because the pull of the goal is so strong that it compels them to plan. It pushes them to take the observable actions that will lead to the end result that they’re looking for.

As a salesperson, you need to understand this because it shows you what lies behind the goals that your clients have.
And once you know what a goal really is, you can leverage that knowledge to make more sales.
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