May 08, 2019

Two Powerful Sales Techniques (Backed by Science)

There’s a science behind selling.

That’s why some sales techniques work better than others. A combination of your emotional intelligence and the proper use of these techniques set you up for success.

You just need to know what those techniques are.

I’m not going to reveal all of the secrets here. But I am going to share two powerful techniques that have scientific backing.

Making Fast Contact

How long do you wait to respond to a lead after they make contact?

If it’s any longer than five minutes, you increase your chances of losing that lead.

That’s what the team at Lead Response Management found out. They researched how often people respond and how likely they are to qualify based on the speed of your reply.

If you reply within five minutes, the likelihood of receiving a response is 100 times higher than if you reply after 24 hours. You’re also 21 times more likely to successfully qualify the lead.

The message here is pretty simple. People expect you to prioritise them if they make contact. How quickly you respond is almost a trust signal in their eyes.

The faster you make contact, the more likely you are to achieve a sale.

Don’t Speak Ill of Competitors

Some salespeople try to speak ill of their competitors to make their own products or services seem better.

However, the psychology of selling suggests that this tactic doesn’t work. This is because of a concept named Spontaneous Trait Transference (STT).

Basically, customers will automatically apply the same negative traits to you that you apply to your competition.

For example, you may say that a competitor offers a low-quality product. But because of STT, the customer may start to think that you too offer low quality.

Keep your competition out of it and focus on accentuating the value of what you’re selling.