May 13, 2019

Two Habits from Mark Zuckerberg (That Benefit Salespeople)

Mark Zuckerberg has achieved billionaire status due to the success of Facebook.

He’s one of the world’s most successful business people, which means there’s plenty that you can learn from him.

It’s his habits that may prove most valuable to salespeople. Here are two that I’ve picked out as being especially important.

Habit #1 – Embrace the Challenge of Learning

Zuckerberg constantly creates new challenges for himself. These challenges have involved learning how to speak Mandarin and reading a new book every couple of weeks.

He takes himself out of his comfort zone and embraces the challenge of learning.

I see so many people looking for instant gratification from the learning process. If they don’t see the immediate benefits they don’t embrace the challenge.

For example, you may wonder how Mandarin could help Zuckerberg to improve Zuckerberg. It may not help with coding. But he can apply that skill to improve relationships with partners in China.

The challenge of learning is to understand why you’re learning something in the first place. Don’t assume that something isn’t valuable because you don’t get immediate gratification.

Think about how you could apply what you learn in creative ways to better yourself as a salesperson.

Habit #2 – Wearing the Same Clothes

You may notice that Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day.

The reason for this is that it eliminates a pointless decision from his life. He doesn’t have to worry about picking the right clothes.

That leaves his mind free to focus on the important decisions that he has to make.

Whilst you don’t need to go to the extreme of wearing the same clothes everyday, the lesson here for salespeople is to pick your battles when it comes to decisions. Don’t worry about the small things. This allows you to focus on bigger decisions, which means you’re less likely to make the wrong choices in the heat of the moment.