October 12, 2023

Transforming Client ‘No’ into ‘Yes’

'What should we do when we face a Big NO from our clients?'

What can we do to change that No to a YES?

To do this we need to use what we call a Pattern Interrupt.

So, what is a pattern interrupt?

It’s a way of changing a client’s perceptions…. AS WELL AS YOUR OWN!

Therapists who have training in CBT are particularly good at this process, helping the client to see another perspective on a problem. It often results in a “Mental Shift”, which once you’re trained you can actually see the person visibly change their thinking.

What's fascinating is that repeatedly hearing 'No' can magnify the perceived obstacle in the client's mind. So, you need to stop this happening.

To break this cycle, we must reshape their mental landscape, transforming 'No' into 'Yes.'

How do we accomplish this transformation?

It all depends on asking strategic, open-ended questions, tailored to the client's current mindset.

Asking a question and deciding to choose a What or Why can make or break this Pattern Interrupt. You need to use the right one. Remember we are changing perceptions.

Instead of reacting to a 'No' with frustration, we pause and pose questions that gently unpack their thoughts. This is not done with an aggressive manner but imagine doing it with empathy, a soft tone and class.

This shift in approach gradually builds motivation within the client.

Knowing precisely when to ask them is the key to success. These questions guide the client toward the decision you both seek.