March 27, 2023

Training tough and match tough? What’s the difference?

Why it’s crucial that you spend time in both areas?
Why you ask?

Let’s examine how it affects your ability to perform under pressure

Let’s talk professional tennis

Everyone knows about the challenges Novak has had this year regarding refusing to get vaccinated for Covid, and not being able to play the Australian Open and recently the US Open.

You may not have known but it took him nearly 3 months of playing tournaments before he won Wimbledon. He lost early in the rounds of the tournaments before he started to find his rhythm and his mentality. You could see the mental anguish on his face and how physically gased he was after his matches.

He talked about lacking that mental edge that continual competition provides.
Match fit is only developed by playing matches not by practicing and if you don’t play you lose it…fast

So are you Sales Fit?

Here’s why you need to play the game of new business development, if you want to develop that match toughness fast.

You need to be prospecting daily to meet new clients, which develops your ability to really listen and ask engaging questions, not to mention develop that essential behaviour of overcoming rejection.

Once you’ve got your meeting then…
you need to practice your sales discovery process for the face-to-face meetings( video meetings as well) build rapport, find business issues you can solve and ultimately negotiate and close deals with profit.

What type of training do you do to learn new sales techniques and how have you evolved your sales mentality and salesmanship
Are you still saying the same things as you have always said?

Are your results still the same?

Has your income increased and surpassed your expectations?

If not, you need to do something different!

What are some of the characteristics of a sales fit salesperson?
-They know what they are doing and why
-They’re mentally tough
-Their skill set seems to be just a little better every time you see them in action
-Continuous learning seems to be their focus
-Purpose is clear to see in all the actions they take

So how do you develop a sales-fit attitude?
Just the same way a professional tennis player does.

A professional tennis player never thinks they’re the finished product

They’re always looking to improve because in their world they actually don’t have a choice because the competition is always looking to extract as much as they can out of themselves… to win
When you’re income is dependent on you getting a result, you can’t afford to improve

So how about you?
What have you done to develop your sales mentality and salesmanship?
Still doing the same thing and wondering what it’s going to take to change your life!
From experience, some people are permanently stuck in this wondering state and then they wonder where the years have gone.
Don’t be one of those people.