May 05, 2020

The Three Circles

In my last few post, I’ve talked about some of the techniques that you can use for more successful negotiations with clients.

With this and my upcoming email, I want to talk about the emotional side of selling. In particular, I want to talk about the effect that fear has on the sale.

Fear affects both the salesperson and the client. Your fear can lead to you making bad decisions in your attempts to sell. Your client’s fear may lead to them walking away from a deal, even if it offers them great value.

I’m going to get into some specifics over the next few emails.

Here, I want to talk about something more general that affects how we interpret everything in our lives.

I call it the Three Circles.

Everything that we interpret in life gets filtered through Three Circles:

1.The Facts

2.The Feeling

3.The Perception

Now, the facts are the indisputable aspect of the thing that you’re trying to interpret. For example, you can look at a map and see the distance from one town to the next.

That’s an indisputable fact.

The feeling refers to how we interpret the facts in front of us. In this example, you may interpret the distance between the two towns as something that strikes fear into you. You may feel that the journey is too much of an undertaking when compared to whatever the reward may be.

Finally, your thoughts guide your perception. And it’s ultimately your perception of a situation that’s going to determine how you react to it.

Each of these Three Circles comes into play when we’re talking about fear.

As a salesperson, you know the facts that relate to your product. However, you may feel that the facts aren’t enough to get the sale. This leads to the perception that the sale’s impossible.

That perception creates fear, which affects how you act when negotiating.

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