June 16, 2020

The Ripple Effect

No matter who you are, there’s a good chance you want to achieve more than one thing. You’ve likely set multiple goals that would make your life much better.
But how many have you actually achieved?

When you set too many goals, it’s easy to end up not accomplishing any of them. Your mind finds the proposed change to be too big and freezes.

This is why you need to identify one goal and absolutely nail it. Don’t focus on anything else while you’re working on it.
When we talk about goals with sales people, we explain that this level of commitment can trigger major changes.

You see, most aspects of your life interconnect. They influence one another. Boosting one of them – even by a little bit – can have a huge ripple effect.

For example, we worked with this guy who had about half a dozen goals. One of them was going to the gym. He listened to our advice and decided to focus on that one, while ignoring everything else.

He would get to the gym by 5:30 in the morning, work out until 6:30, and get to work by 7:30.
Because he started his day with exercise, he was full of energy. As a result, his productivity got a big boost. He found it much easier to get things done. Just this single act of going to the gym changed his entire day.

Regardless of your goal, you should be able to duplicate this man’s results. You’ll have more resources to devote to your other goals, and accomplish more.

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