May 27, 2024

The Power of Words in Sales Motivation

I want you to talk to yourself in your head, of course.

Don’t do it aloud with anyone around because they may think something is wrong with you.
Just kidding!

Say the following sentences out aloud

I WISH I could get two appointments today.
How do you feel when you say these words? When you say it, does it motivate you or it just doesn’t have enough juice for you to pick up the phone?

I’d LIKE to get two appointments today.
I WANT to get two appointments today.

Notice the difference in the words.

I NEED to get two appointments today.
I HAVE to get two appointments today.
I MUST get two appointments today.
I CAN get two appointments today.
I WILL get two appointments today.

Did you feel the difference from one sentence to another?

I’m GOING to get two appointments today.
How do you feel when saying this sentence?
Do you feel like taking action?

You may actually see yourself taking action right?
If you use the right tone you can create pictures in peoples minds where they experience what you say.
When people buy things they equally get a feeling and see themselves experiencing the product or service.

If you’re not able to do this you’re missing out on a lot of deals not to mention motivating yourself to pick up the phone.

Recently we ran a cold calling workshop for an agency and changed their scripts which sounded like they were written in the 80s.

No wonder their salespeople were mentally and physically exhausted. The motivation was there but not the strategy.
It’s as if they were sold the idea that if you keep making the calls you’ll get the meetings. Well yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but it does take someone to think differently if you want to get a better result.

The result a 25% improvement in appraisal numbers in one week.
Note that it’s the verb before the word “GET” which delivers the energy to the sentence.

This is the reason why most salespeople lose so many deals because no one pays any attention to the language and how it’s delivered.

Be careful with the language as you may talk yourself out of the game before you even picked up the phone

This principle also applies in professional sport. Imagine the All Blacks saying” I’d like to win today?”

This is what I see is the big gap. It’s not enough to provide scripts without strategy and psychology?