July 02, 2020

The Head Tilt

So, you know what you’re looking for in the eyes when you’re reading someone’s body language.
Let’s stick with the face and examine the head tilt.

Again, we’ll give you the reminder that this single gesture doesn’t tell you everything. Read it alongside all of the other gestures that give you the whole picture.
Imagine that you’re sat across the table from an analytical person. You’re negotiating the deal and you’re trying to influence them into seeing your side of things.
The way you move your head influences their thought processes.

We’ve chosen the analytical type of person so we can tell you exactly what to do with them.
When delivering information to this personality type, you should slowly nod your head as you do it. As importantly, you need to tilt your head slightly to the side as you nod.
What you should see is that the client mimics the action.
Monkey see, monkey do.

The reason you’re using this head movement for this personality type is simple.
It’s what an analytical person does subconsciously when they’re processing information. By making this subtle gesture, you’re non-verbally telling them that this is an important aspect of the deal.
That means they’ll focus more intently on what you’re saying.

The nodding also tells them that this is something that you want them to agree with. Of course, they don’t realise that’s what the gesture means. But subconsciously, they’re persuaded to agree with what you’re saying.
This is where you get into the realm of influence.

If you can influence somebody’s body language, you can influence their mind.
Of course, this is only one example based on negotiating with one personality type.
There’s a lot that you need to learn before you recognise what different head movements mean or how to use them to your advantage.

This is just one of the many ways you can use body language to influence a client. Book your training session with Frontier Performance to learn more about Body Language