June 22, 2020

The Bad Experiences

There’s a truth that many salespeople don’t want to admit.
People will always remember the bad experiences over the good experiences. And worse yet, they’ll talk about the bad experiences much more too.
Part of the reason is because memory is imprinted with emotion. And painful experiences are often more emotional than positive ones.

Imagine that you’ve visited a car dealership.
You can see the price on the car that you want already. You’ve also done your research, which means you know that it’s the right choice for you.
You make the purchase and the dealership makes a bunch of promises regarding delivery.
Up until now, you’ve had a great experience. Their salesperson helped you to understand the little things that you didn’t already know. The transaction’s gone smoothly and you’re just waiting for your car.

Then, it doesn’t come on the date that they promise.
So, you call them up to figure out what’s gone wrong. And instead of being honest with you, they give you the run-around. The dealership starts making excuses for why the delivery didn’t go as planned.
Suddenly, that great experience starts taking a turn towards the negative.

The dealership failed in the final part of the sales process. They took the money but didn’t deliver the item as promised on the date that they promised it.
What part of that transaction are you going to remember six months from now?

You’re not going to remember all of the good aspects of the transaction. You’re going to remember all of the problems that you had with the delivery.
When people ask you about what that dealership’s like, this is the experience you’re going to draw from.

The point is that a salesperson’s work isn’t done when they’ve gotten the signature on the dotted line.
There’s still a product or service that needs to get delivered.

If you disappoint with that delivery, the entire complexion of the sales process alters.
What comes after the sale is as important as what happens during it when it comes to the customer experience.

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