June 17, 2020

Testing Your Goals

In the past couple of posts, I emphasised setting and achieving your most important goals. We’re going to continue down that road here.
While we’re at it, I have a very useful tool to show you. One that can define your goals in a more concrete fashion and, in doing so, help you accomplish them.
The exercise is all about testing your goals.

I want you to think about this for a moment…
When you set your goals, how much attention do you really pay them?
Most people simply say that they want to achieve something. They might go on and think about how they’ll accomplish it, but mostly on a surface level.

You can fix this by testing your goals.
Testing your goals is pretty simple. First, on a scale of 1-10, think about how much you want this goal. Do you have any other goal that deserves a higher score? If so, that’s the one you need to focus on. A strong desire to accomplish something is half the job done.

With the proper goal identified, you need to think about how achievable it is. Is it something easy to accomplish? Or might you have to struggle?
Next, you need to be able to measure success. Most goals worth pursuing will likely take a long time, so you need a metric for your progress. If the goal is to hit the gym, for example, one measurement could be the number of times you go in a week.

Finally, create a list of all possible obstacles and the ways to overcome them. Think about the knowledge or skills you’ll need, and if there are people who can help you with them.

Go through this checklist and you’ll be able to see your goals more clearly. More importantly, you’ll have a clear path to achieving them.
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