August 21, 2019

Tennis and Sales Lessons from the Big Four

The big four of tennis have certainly made their mark on the sport. One could argue that they’ve ushered in a golden age for the game.

Their success can help you to develop your skills in sales.


Here are four lessons from Tennis’ Big Four.

Roger Federer – Keep Learning

Federer is the most successful player that the men’s game has ever seen. He puts that success down to a constant drive to educate himself.

In an interview with the Roger Federer Foundation, he said:

“Education gives you a great opportunity to learn in life. It’s good for your health…There are so many good aspects to it.”

When you dedicate yourself to learning, you become equipped with the tools you need to break negative behaviour patterns.

Novak Djokovic – Be Persistent

Perhaps one of the game’s most naturally-gifted players, Djokovic points to persistence as the key to success.

When asked about how tennis helped him to thrive under pressure, he said:

“I believe it made me resilient. I never give up and when I promise to do something, I stick to it.”

Mental resilience is the key to overcoming the setbacks that you’ll experience in your career.

Andy Murray – You Need Willpower

The thing that separates the Big Four from everyone else is their dedication to success.

As Andy Murray puts it:

“I don't play in any tournaments to come second best.”

If you’re only shooting for “good enough”, you’ll never excel in sales.

Rafa Nadal – Win the Battle With Yourself

Anyone who’s had a bad day knows how harmful creeping self-doubt can be.

Rafa Nadal knows that the mental side of success is as important as the physical. He says:

“I am the only player who can beat me.”

When you master your mind, you can master sales. You’ll develop their behaviours that help you to succeed.