June 17, 2019

Tactical Brilliance: The Reasons Behind Floyd Mayweather’s Unbeaten Record

Retired boxing great Floyd Mayweather was simply peerless. With the best punch stats of all boxers, his contemporary opponents could not match his skills.

But why is this the case? There have been so many talented boxers, but how come none of them could match Mayweather’s success?

Well, there are a few reasons for this.

A Boring but Ultra-Efficient Style

“Boring” is a word that expert boxers often use to describe Mayweather’s fighting style. You would very rarely see him engage in a brawl or leave himself exposed to hard punches.

And yet, this style is one of the main reasons why he’s unbeatable. His strategy was quite simple: make the opponent mad and too aggressive, then use this aggression against him.

It’s also why he landed 65% of all punches thrown, which is more than any other professional boxer.

Impeccable Command

Mayweather is famous for his “hit and not be hit” practice. His every move was very well thought-out, and he had a flow that his opponents just couldn’t beat. After the TKO’d Ricky Hatton, the vanquished boxer commented:

"I was fighting a genius, a boxing artist. I was getting more and more frustrated. Lose your cool against Floyd Mayweather and what you do is you get knocked out."

Great Flexibility

During every match, Mayweather got to know his opponent’s style and came up with a perfect counter.

He’d predict his opponent’s moves and let them believe they had the upper hand. He’d then counterattack in an unpredictable way, leaving the opponent confused. All this would happen in a matter of seconds, proving what a master Mayweather was in the ring.