July 24, 2019

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers – How Adam Grant Can Help with Your Sales

How much do you value creativity in sales?

The top performers know that a creative mind is extremely important. Sometimes, the established industry practices don’t quite cut it. At other times, you may need to change your strategy to adapt to a new product or market need.

Original thinkers rise to the top in sales.

During a recent TED Talk, psychologist Adam Grant covered the topic of original thinkers. And he highlighted some key habits that will help you inject some creativity into your sales efforts.

Habit #1 – They Doubt Their Ideas

Self-doubt can destroy your ability to function and damage your sales efforts.

But that’s not what Grant’s talking about here. We’ll let him explain:

“I discovered there are two different kinds of doubt. There’s self-doubt and idea doubt…Idea doubt is energizing. It motivates you to test, to experiment, to refine.”

This ties into the concept of self-awareness in sales.

You’ll have all sorts of ideas about how you can sell more or improve your technique. However, some of these ideas are like rough diamonds.

They need a little work to make them perfect.

Idea doubt shows that you’re aware of your ideas’ limitations. And it’s a powerful motivator that ensures you refine and improve your ideas.

Habit #2 – They’re Experts in Vuja De

You’ve heard of déjà vu. 

Grant says that original thinkers experience something called Vuja De. 

Where déjà vu is all about seeing something familiar through the same lens as before, Vuja De is about new perspectives.

It’s about taking something familiar and lending a new spin to it.

Imagine that you have a sales technique that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

You may not need to scrap the technique entirely. A little Vuja De may be all that you need to make it useful again.