May 20, 2020

Start at the End

Let’s come back to the subject of successful goal setting.
To achieve a goal, you need to create a pathway to that goal. It’s not something that you can randomly stumble towards. You need to know the exact steps that you’re going to take to get to that goal.
In other words, you have to start with the end in mind.

You need to know what you want to achieve before you can plan it out.
I have a client right now who was a 24-year-old sales agent when I started working with her.
I had her write down her three major goals for the year. Then, I had her write down her objectives for two, three, four, and five years from now.
She told me that she wanted to use property investment to build her wealth.

So, she set goals around that. Three years on, she now owns two properties. She says that by the time she’s in her 40s, she wants those two properties to generate $8,000 in revenue.
She’s 27 now and she’s on her path to making that happen.
She started with the end in mind and she knows exactly what she needs to do to make her goals a reality.

Here’s another example.
Did you ever play a maze when you were a kid?
The game involves working your way through a maze so that you get from the beginning to the endpoint.
But what the smart kids did was that they started from the endpoint and worked their way backwards. They work out the path from the end to the beginning, instead of taking a bunch of detours on the way to the endpoint.

That’s what you need to do with your goals as a salesperson.
Start with the end in mind and work backwards to map out your path.
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