October 05, 2023

Some Salespeople Just Don’t Get It!

They insist on imposing their own style onto their client instead of observing and understanding the personality of their client and adapting to fit that style.
Have you ever paused to truly consider the immense focus and impact that developing Emotional Intelligence can have on salespeople?
They learn to view scenarios from the clients’ perspectives.

The classic mistake that many sales professionals make is to assume that every client will automatically plug into their style of communication. They won’t. This leads to communication breakdown and disintegration of trust, which is the heart of the buyer-seller relationship.

The emotional intelligence salesperson needs to make subtle adjustments that are necessary for each client to improve the quality of their communication with clients.

Think of it as personality politeness, learning to use words and phrases that fit the emotional comfort zone of the client.
Each personality style has an approach that they're most comfortable with.
Think about how many sales are lost in the first 5 seconds.
No one talks about why clients go from one supplier to another because they are searching for a connection with a salesperson who gets them, who connects to them.

This is a high cost to a business in lost sales because the cost of leads to generate those enquiries is ever-increasing.
Uncover how this invaluable skill set drives sales professionals toward exceptional success and enduring client relationships.

You may not have to generate more leads but get better at closing what you get. Ever considered that?

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