July 08, 2020

Relief Before the Deal

Have you ever noticed that clients tend to get really anxious before they sign on the dotted line?
Their body language tells you that they’re nervous.

Their breathing gets a little shallow and they may even start to sweat. You’re not likely to get the tugging on the shirt collar that you’ve seen in movies.

But it can happen.
Then, they sign the contract and say something like “…God, it’s all over.”
There’s this relief in their voice because they’ve taken an action that moves them out of a tense situation. Watch their body too. You’ll see the tension melt away. The shoulders will relax and they may even crack a smile.

The problem is that this relief comes after the deal gets made.
All of the tension that leads up to that moment is what can lead to a client deciding to say no.

This is where you can use your own body language as an influencer.
Your goal here is to create that feeling of relief before the client has to sign on the dotted line. By doing that, you’re making them feel more comfortable with the situation, which increases the chances of them signing.

All you have to do is change the order of things.
Show relief yourself before they sign.

There are all sorts of subtle gestures that you can use for this. A relieved sigh is one of them, as is the relaxing of your shoulders. As you do this, subtly nod your head to indicate agreement.
Then, say something like: “Well, it looks like we’re there then.”

In a previous post, we spoke about mirroring body language.
Your show of relief is something that the client will mirror. They’re releasing all of the tension they’re feeling, which means they’re more likely to sign. The majority of people will make decisions faster when there is no tension at certain parts of the deal. Learn when to release it to get the client relaxed enough to go ahead with you.

This is just one of the many ways you can use body language to influence a client. Book your training session with Frontier Performance to learn more about Body Language