September 26, 2023

Overcoming Negativity in Sales

Why your mind plays a significant role in shaping your perceptions when encountering setbacks.
Why is it that the moment something happens to upset our mindset we default into worst case scenarios?

It's no secret that we tend to think negatively.

But why is it that as salespeople, we often find ourselves fixated on the obstacles, rejections, or worst-case scenarios?

Understanding the causes of our negativity and making wise use of that information are more important than simply keeping an optimistic mindset.

When we are aware of the bias towards negativity, we are better able to view challenges and losses as opportunities for growth in ourselves.

There are a couple of questions I use to change my thinking quickly when deals aren’t closing or I’m not getting appointments and those questions are”
“ What can I learn here?”
“ What do I have to change, improve here?

Then I either talk to a person on my team or write the answer down.
I will not ask those questions of myself if I can’t do either of the two above. Why you ask?

Because I am now in problem-solving mode and need to get those solutions out of my mind to either see them or talk about them with someone.

You have a choice, you can look at what went wrong and adapt your strategies for future success rather than being demoralised by failure.

Moreover, recognizing this allows you to tailor your sales pitches to address your client's skepticism and concerns, building trust and rapport more effectively.

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