June 02, 2020

Negotiating the Process

In the last post, I urged you to know your own bargaining power. It has the capacity to tip the scales in your favour.
I’d like to dig a little deeper into this and show you how you can actually explore your full power. For many of the sales people we train, this was the most important takeaway from our work together. It’s also the key thing I learned at Harvard about negotiations.
Most negotiators focus way too much on the deal. But a good deal does not define a win.

What matters far more is how the deal gets done.
This means you’re negotiating the process, not the deal.
If you’re wondering what this has to do with power, you have to go back to the techniques and mindset shifts I talked about in the previous posts. These are among the most important aspects of the negotiation process.

Take leverage as an example. Do you know what the other side wants?
If you can develop your points of leverage, you’ll have a much higher chance of coming out ahead in the negotiation. No matter the terms of the deal, you’ll have the upper hand.
The same is true of all the other components I talked about. From the act of active listening to figuring out your BATNA, it’s all about the process.

Remember this and you’ll have all the power needed to master the negotiation. You’ll be able to set the tone from the start and deny the other side any advantage over you.
Of course, negotiating the process is easier said than done. But the promise of sailing through every negotiation is worth it, wouldn’t you agree?
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