December 22, 2023

Myths and Theories About Success

Let’s first dispel some myths and theories about success.

We have all been told:

• Hard work will always pay off. Sorry, hard work alone does not guarantee success. At a higher level, everyone works hard. Then there’s the problem of working hard at the wrong thing. That can actually set you back.

• Stick to the same process. Sorry, sometimes your processes – be it in sales, or sport – need an upgrade, and so does your mentality. Just like the upgrade of an operating system for a computer. Doing the wrong things repeatedly can ruin your sales mentality.

• Keep practising and you’ll succeed. Sorry, if you keep practising mindlessly, without strategy, structure, and awareness, it’s probably the fastest way to fail. This applies to sport as well as sales scripts and dialogues.

So, what’s the right way to improve? To get unprecedented success?

Let’s reframe the statements above:

• Review your processes and look at new ways to improve.
• Work hard to implement new processes and ideas into your routine jobs to find a new and more successful way forward.
• Practise is imperative to improving. However, the quality of your practise is often more important than the quantity. We all know success is a state of mind.

But what most salespeople and even sales directors and business owners don’t know is that there are two states of mind needed for practise to be able to apply what you have learnt.

• The training mentality – technical focus.
• The trusting mentality – flow focus.

Unfortunately, most learning is done with the training mentality – the grinding, repetitive work until you can remember your lines, like rote learning from school days.

It’s no wonder that salespeople get bored, as the training reminds them of the classroom.

In the trusting mentality, you learn to let things happen.