April 30, 2020

Make it Safe to Ask for Help

In my last post, I talked about the dangers of going hard on the client and soft on the problem.

You create this aggressive atmosphere that isn’t comfortable for the client in the negotiation.

But worse yet, you create a serious problem…

You make it much harder for the client to ask for help.

Some salespeople get so aggressive with their clients that they leave them feeling embarrassed. They don’t want to put their hands up and say they need help because they feel like you’re attacking them.

Asking for help will only prompt more attacks

So, what do they do?

They get up and walk away from the deal.

The client doesn’t want to ask you for help because you haven’t spent any time building a relationship. There’s no trust there and the client feels uncomfortable with your attempts to sell to them.

This idea of building relationships is so important in the modern sales environment.

You cannot afford to put people off from the moment that you meet them. You just can’t jump into a pitch without learning a little about the client beforehand.

When you focus on building the relationship first, you discover what the client really needs out of the deal. That’s how you create the multiple points of leverage that I mentioned a few emails back.

By building that relationship, you make it safe for the client to ask for help.

You make them feel comfortable about the fact that they have a pain point and that it’s okay to ask you for the solution.

After all, the solution solves the problem that they have.

And if they recognize that fact, you don’t have to go hard on the person to try to force the sale. They’re going to come to you with their hand raised because they know you can help them.

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