May 08, 2020

Leveraging Your Assumptions

We’ve all heard the old saying about assumptions.
If you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.
There’s a kernel of truth within that saying. However, it doesn’t really dig into how powerful your assumptions are. And it doesn’t account for the fact that we all make assumptions, whether we think we do or not.
'I have spoken about the Three Circles in a previous post. Perception is one of those circles and it’s the one that’s most affected by the assumptions that you make.
That means your assumptions are something that you can leverage to your advantage.
Let’s say that you’re heading into a sales situation. You don’t know much about the client yet as this is the beginning of your relationship.
However, you’ve had a couple of bad experiences with other clients today.
Those experiences will play in your mind and lead you to the assumption that this is going to be another bad experience. The assumption creates negative thoughts, from which comes your perception.
You see this as a bad situation that you’re stepping into.
That negative perception will influence your actions. You start making bad decisions that don’t serve you in the sales situation. Thus, you lose the client, just as you assumed that you would.
That’s the negative power of assumptions.
But what would happen if you tweaked your assumption?
You’ve probably heard the saying that “buyers are liars”. That is an assumption that’s going to colour your thinking.
So, change the assumption.
Assume that the client’s on the level and has a genuine interest in what you’re selling.
Assume that you can help the client to solve a problem.
Finally, assume that the entire sales situation will go in your favour.
These assumptions create positive thoughts, which influence your perception. And as I established earlier, your perceptions influence your actions.
You’ll get more positive outcomes because you’ve mastered the power of assumption.
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