May 10, 2019

Kevin Durant’s Three Rules for Success (That Salespeople Can Learn From)

Kevin Durant is one of the top stars in the NBA. He’s been a basketball All-Star on several occasions, as well as earning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) distinction.

He’s achieved all of that success because he follows a specific set of rules.

Interestingly, many of these rules apply to salespeople as much as they apply to athletes. Here are three of the most interesting.

Rule #1 – Persevere

Durant experienced a tumultuous childhood. But he always had a passion for basketball to fall back on. He says that so many people doubted him and he had to overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve his success.

You’ll face obstacles of your own as a salesperson. It’s how you confront those obstacles that influences your success. Keep pushing to achieve your goals, no matter how many negative things happen along the way.

Rule #2 – Have Patience

There’s an old saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Neither was Durant’s success. His achievements come from years of hard work and constant improvement.

I can’t express just how important patience is to your development as a salesperson. Keep learning and adapting. Don’t expect results right away. Be patient and success will eventually reach you.

Rule #3 – Never Settle

Durant has been a runner-up in all sorts of things. And he’s never allowed himself to settle for second place. He’s not happy with being one of the top two or three players in the world.

He wants to be the best.

I often hear people tell me that they’re happy despite the fact they haven’t achieve their goals. What I hear is that they’ve settled.

To be a truly great salesperson, you can never settle for good enough. This leads to a complacent mindset that makes you unable to adapt when “good enough” doesn’t cut it anymore.