July 17, 2019

Important Statistics About Networking and How it Can Improve Your Sales

Networking is such an important part of business.

Yet there’s a possibility that you may underestimate it when it comes to sales. If you’re spending all of your time on the phones, you may think there’s little point to networking.

The stats say otherwise.

Here are some of the most important stats you need to know about networking and how they relate to your sales work.

You Achieve a 40% Close Rate With Face-to-Face Meetings

This is according to an infographic posted on the Virgin website.

Face-to-face meetings offer you the chance to engage a client directly. In the age of social media and email, that’s a valuable thing in sales. You can say a lot using body language and non-verbal cues that you can’t communicate over the web or via the phone.

Face-to-face meetings also offer you the chance to react to the client’s body language. This means you can take conversations in the direction they need to go.

85% of People Say They Prefer In-Person Meetings

And this makes sense.

Remember that trust plays a massive part in sales success. It’s difficult to trust the voice on the other end of a phone or the person messaging you on social media.

When a prospect meets you in person, they get to size you up and start building a meaningful relationship with you. 

The trust you build from this meeting carries forward to the rest of your interactions.

70% of Salespeople Who Network Via Social Media Outperform Those Who Don’t Use it

I don’t want to give the impression that social media isn’t a great networking tool.

In fact, it’s ideal for creating connections that you can build on with face-to-face meetings.

Salespeople who use social media broaden their scope. They have a much larger audience to engage and potentially sell to.