August 08, 2019

The Importance of Finding a Role Model (and One Other Sales Lesson from Daniel Ricciardo)

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Daniel Ricciardo has already started making a splash in Formula One racing.

While not quite championship calibre yet, he’s constantly improving year-on-year. All signs point to him becoming a major player in the sport in the years to come.

But to achieve those heights, he has to work hard and adapt to whatever the sport throws at him.

That’s familiar talk to any salesperson out there. You’re dealing with constantly changing customer needs and the continuous evolution of your market.

Ricciardo has to adapt constantly to get ahead. Here’s what he can teach you about becoming a better salesperson.

Lesson #1 – Find a Good Mentor

During the early days of his career, Ricciardo learned from his fellow Australian, Mark Webber.

He says:

“He has always left the phone line open and been there if I've needed to ask him anything. He is more than willing to try to help me out…knowing I have that is great.”

That last section shows why finding a good mentor is so important.

Self-belief is an issue that every salesperson struggles with. If you have somebody to bounce ideas off and talk about issues with, you can overcome.

That improved confidence, born from the experience a mentor offers, leads to better performance.

Lesson #2 – Take Your Chances

As a Formula One driver, Ricciardo’s constantly taking risks to try and win races.

He has an interesting way of seeing things in this respect:

“Sometimes you’ve gotta just lick the stamp and send it.”

The point here is that you can get so caught up in thinking about what you want to do that you never end up doing.

In many cases, the best course of action is to just go ahead and do something. You may fail. However, that just gives you an opportunity to learn something new.