October 18, 2023

How to Overcome Self-Doubt in Sales?

Have you ever felt the weight of stress bearing down on you?

Emotional shrapnel they call it. You can’t see it, but boy do you feel it.

The role of stress is undeniable. How you use stress is the key.

As sales professionals, it's crucial to understand how stress influences our ability to secure deals, excel in cold calls, build client connections, close deals and succeed in our roles and at the end of the prevent ourselves from being jaded by the role of sales.

In many sales roles, targets can be daily if you are a SDR, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

When salespeople don’t meet these targets, not only do you get pressure from your managers, but the pressure can come from home as well.

For many salespeople the ability to handle that pressure can either make or break you.

As you read this post, consider which type of stress affects you the most.

1️⃣ Fear of Loss - A Common Challenge
The fear of losing valuable opportunities or falling short of targets often triggers stress. This fear-driven stress can erode our confidence, leading to self-doubt and impacting our performance. Recognising this fear is our initial step in addressing it effectively.

2️⃣ Emotional Resilience - Navigating Challenges:
Sales professionals frequently encounter criticism, feedback, and demanding client interactions that can wound us emotionally, evoking anger and discomfort. Developing emotional resilience is key. Understanding how emotional hurt affects us enables us to navigate these situations skilfully, preserving our well-being and self-assurance.

The ability to manage your stress levels is probably one of the most important life skills you can have. There are countless sales professionals we have trained and witnessed who make remarkable transformations in their performance, achieving outstanding results—doubling their sales figures—without the need for traditional sales training. In fact, sales training can be detrimental to change if not done in the correct order.

That's precisely why we integrate the understanding of emotional intelligence into our approach to sales training. The capacity to effectively manage stress, develop a genuine understanding of yourself and acceptance, and uphold unwavering confidence in high-pressure situations is what distinguishes a true sales professional. Someone who can play the long game successfully.