May 09, 2019

The French National Soccer Team – What Sales Teams Can Learn From Their Success

Did you watch the 2018 World Cup?

If you did, you would have seen the French national soccer side rise to the top of the world. This young crop of players came in as a tournament favourite. And they lived up to the weight of expectations placed upon them.

It’s no coincidence that their manager is the man who captained the team to the same success in 1998.

And it’s the mantra that lies behind the success of both groups of players that salespeople can learn from:

Talent, Teamwork, and Togetherness.

The Lesson

Some of us have natural talents from birth. You may have an aptitude for music or learning languages.

There’s nothing that we can do to change our natural talents. We either have them or we don’t.

What we can change is the behaviour that lies behind our talents.

That’s why the French national team’s mantra is so important. Every member of the team has obvious talent. But it’s the behaviours that the mantra drilled into them that are the key to their success. The ability to work together is a behaviour that every sales team needs to develop.

We can even look to the French team to see what happens when you combine talent with the wrong behavioural patterns.

The 2010 World Cup saw the French players rebel against their manager.

The players from that era all had obvious talent. The likes of Thierry Henry, Patrice Evra, and more played for the squad.

But they didn’t have the same togetherness that the 1998 and 2018 teams had. And that meant they couldn’t work as a team.

Achieving harmony within your sales team makes it more effective.

Instead of competing against one another, your “players” come together to achieve a common goal.