May 20, 2024

From Fixed to Growth Mindset: How to Help Your Sales Team Thrive

What’s the biggest risk for people who have a Fixed Mindset versus people who have a Growth Mindset?
For them none, they can’t see it.
They can’t see the need to change as the status quo is safer.

If you’re a manager wanting to take your team to another level of performance, but meet resistance to change, it can be very challenging and disheartening at times.
The result of salespeople having a Fixed Mindset is that growing sales revenue in a business and initiating new ideas is often met with resistance.

The consequences?
-Lose market share
-Declining profits and an increase of low margin deals
-Average performance becomes acceptable
-Missed opportunities to attract top talent
What a terrible situation to be in.

Thankfully, there is a way to help people change from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset. In fact, I truly believe that in order to embrace a Growth Mindset you have to know what a fixed Mindset is and then be shown the way to change. Sometimes, me included, you are so busy you don’t realise it that you’re operating with a Fixed Mindset.
So, what’s the answer?

What I found is that a Growth Mindset is shaped by your values and importantly what your expectations are. Low expectations usually mean low motivation.
Examine any area of your life that you wanted to change, achieve something, I can guarantee that you would have had High Motivation and High Expectations to get the result.

In our training program we provide processes to help managers and their salespeople to move towards a Growth Mindset by:
· Learning to tap into their motivation to learn because they understand that results can be achieved by the activity of learning.
· Increase their effort willingly as their motivation levels increase to see their skills produce results!
· Accept that there will be stress from doing this and become comfortable with it, their self-perceptions change, they become adaptive.
A Growth Mindset develops the one thing that all Managers want, Salespeople with Purpose and Character.

The real issue is sometimes Salespeople and perhaps some Managers spend so much time on understanding their numbers than figuring out how to improve their numbers. There is a subtle difference that escapes most people.

Understanding your numbers will generally keep you stuck in the Past.
Improving your numbers will ask you “ What do I have to do differently to get a better result?”

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