June 30, 2020

Face, Body, and Legs

In our last post, we mentioned the danger of only looking at a single gesture.
The closed fist may not mean what you think it does when taken in the context of the whole picture.
That misinterpretation of a gesture could cost you a deal. It could lead to you changing a working strategy to something that isn’t as effective.

When we read body language, we look at three things:
- Face
- Body
- Legs

Here’s an example.
Let’s say that you’re selling televisions and you’ve talked about a particular model with your client. They’ve shown interest based on what you say.

So, you show them the product.
Now, it’s time to read the reaction.

The client says “hmm” and their face scrunches up a little bit. They take a step closer to the product and lean in for a closer look. However, their body seems tensed up.
What does that tell you about how the client feels about the product?
If you’ve only paid attention to the legs, you’ve seen them take a step forward. This would indicate that they have a genuine interest in the product.

Again, that’s the danger of only looking at a single gesture.
While they may have taken a step forward, that slight scrunching of the face when they said “hmm” shows that there’s a problem. So too does the tensing of their body as they lean in for a look.
While the legs may tell you that there’s interest, the face and body tell a different story.

The client isn’t impressed by the product. And at this point, they may not trust you because they’re looking at the product based on what you told them.
You have to look at the whole picture when assessing body language.

This is just one of the many ways you can use body language to influence a client. Book your training session with Frontier Performance to learn more about Body Language