May 14, 2020

Draining Your Emotional Energy

In my last post, I touched upon goals and the motivators that lie behind them.
This concept of goals is something that I think is worth digging into.
Many salespeople focus primarily on their financial goals. These are obviously very important.

However, there are other aspects of your personality that have a deep effect on you. And it’s often these aspects that influence whether or not you achieve your goals, financial or otherwise.
Here’s what I often find with new clients, before they start working with me.

They have so many goals that their attention gets fractured. They’re like light bulbs. You turn them on and the energy goes everywhere instead of getting focused on a particular goal.
This means that they’re draining their emotional energy. By trying to achieve everything at once, they spread themselves so thin that they don’t achieve anything.
This leads to negative emotions, which creates behaviors that aren’t conducive to selling.

When we talk about money, we focus on the ROI, otherwise known as the return on investment.
I want you to think about your ROE – Return on Energy.
Every salesperson has a defined amount of energy that they can put towards achieving their goals. It’s up to you how you spend that energy.

Now, if you’re spreading that energy too thin, you’re creating a situation wherein you can’t achieve your goal. And you’ll feel this manifest in how you feel physically.
Have you ever had a long day at work and gone straight to sleep when you get home? That’s because you’ve drained your energy levels by chasing too many goals.
Maybe you wake up and you still feel drained.

That’s another sign that you’re splitting your energy between too many goals.
The idea behind ROE is that you invest your energy in the goals that provide you with the greatest returns.
Focus on those goals instead of trying to achieve everything and you’ll find that you achieve so much more.
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