July 08, 2020

Copy and Change

The topic of influence is a very important one for salespeople.
You want to learn how to use your body to influence somebody else’s mind. In previous posts, we’ve spoken about a couple of small techniques that may help you to do this.
Now, let’s talk about the subject of mirroring body language.

Imagine that you have a potential client sat across the table from you. You’re aiming to build a relationship with that person. You need them to trust you before you can influence them.
This is where mirroring body language can help.

Observe what the client’s doing with their body. Perhaps they have their legs crossed or they’ve placed their hands on the table.
Subtly mirror those movements.

The idea behind this is to show solidarity with your client. Using your body, you’re telling the client that you think the same way that they do.
These are things that we do subconsciously when we’re around people that we already trust.
For example, if a friend smiles at you, you’re going to smile back. If somebody yawns near you, the odds are fairly high that you’ll also yawn.
Humans have used this subtle mirroring to create bonds since before we had the ability to talk.

Here’s where the difficult part comes in.
Once you’ve started mirroring the client’s movements, you’ve established that you’re on the same wavelength.
Now, you can start influencing their movements.

For example, the client had their arms crossed so you cross yours too. This is a closed-off gesture that you want to open up.
While talking, open up your arms and place them by your side or on the table.

Then, examine the client.
Ideally, they’ll mirror your movement as a natural response to you mirroring theirs earlier.

You copy, then change.
This is a complex technique that won’t always work. However, it can help you to influence your clients so that you get what you want out of a deal. You have to become a master of spotting resistance and overcoming it as it is crucial to closing.

This is just one of the many ways you can use body language to influence a client. Book your training session with Frontier Performance to learn more about Body Language