July 29, 2019

Coaching Wisdom from Sir Alex Ferguson (and How They Can Help You Motivate Your Sales Team)

In soccer’s recent history, there are few managers more revered than Sir Alex Ferguson.

For over two decades, he guided Manchester United to success after success. He has a trophy cabinet that’s bigger than most people’s houses.

And he’s the perfect example of a coach who can inspire a team.

That’s why he’s such a great person to learn from for any sales manager who’s struggling to motivate their people.

These are two snippets of wisdom you can take from Sir Alex.

“I’ve never played for a draw in my life.”

This gem gives us some insight into the mindset that drove Sir Alex to so many victories.

Playing for a draw in soccer means you’ve mentally accepted that the other team’s on your level. It’s accepting the fact that you’re not the very best that you can be.

And it also means you’re not trying to adapt to overcome a challenging opponent.

In sales, playing for the draw equates to setting low targets for your team. You keep them going on an even keel instead of pushing them to develop their skills.

Adopt the winning mentality and understand that you can always do better than you did the day before.

“The work of a team should always embrace a great player but the great player must always work.”

You likely have a few superstar players in your sales team. They consistently perform above expectations, which is a wonderful thing to see.

However, you must always beware of ego.

A superstar player may allow their ego to take control to the point that they become complacent. Their performance starts to dip and the entire team struggles.

No matter how good your people are, they can always improve. Plus, your superstars can help to develop the team so that everyone performs better.