May 06, 2020

Cause and Effect

You probably already know about the basic concept of cause and effect.

It’s the relationship between events and the causes that lead up to those events. For example, if the effect is the end of a relationship, the cause may be something that you did to create that end.

What many don’t know is how the concept of cause and effect relates to sales and, more importantly, your emotions.

In sales, cause and effect are actually states that you can find yourself in.

When you’re in the cause state, you’re in full control over everything that’s happening around you. It’s your actions that dictate the flow of a conversation or the success of a sale.

If you’re in the effect state, you’re at the mercy of what’s going on around you. The direction that your life takes gets affected by people’s perceptions and your environment. In a sales negotiation, being in effect means that the other person is in cause.

They’re the puppet master and you’re the puppet. In other words, they have control over the entire situation.

But you may wonder how this relates to fear. In my last email, I told you that was a topic that I’m going to cover.

And it’s pretty simple.

These cause and effect states don’t just affect your dealings with other people. They also impact how your mind influences your actions.

Your own mind can place you in the effect state. You end up getting manipulated by your own thoughts, which is where your fear comes into play. That fear may end up controlling your actions.

You’re almost the victim of your own mind in this situation. And when you have the fear that comes from this effect state, it’s so difficult to control a sales negotiation.

That means your goal is to get into the cause state, which is what Frontier Performance will help you to do.

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