March 25, 2020

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…But You Can’t Make It Drink

You’ve probably heard this phrase before. I certainly have, and I believe it applies to many businesses of today.

I was in an airport lounge in Auckland when I started talking to the owner of a prominent IT company. At one point, he asked me a piercing question:

“How come you can provide all the tools to your people, hand hold them, mentor them, provide the best of everything, and yet they don’t make any effort. Why does that happen?”

My answer to this is very simple – lack of commitment.

You can see the effects of a lack of commitment in everything from business to sports.

And you can see what happens when businesses and teams protect themselves from it.

Good sports teams don’t fall victim to it as they know that it can ruin the team.

For instance, the All Blacks don’t suffer from this issue. Why? Because there’s a huge line of people desperate to get in. This creates a competitive atmosphere that pushes people to fully commit to the goal.

So how does this translate into the business world?

The most pressing issue that I see is that business leaders spend enough time building the desired behaviors in their people. They’re just too impatient, which costs them.

A business leader’s job is to promote commitment from the inside, not force it onto someone. 

The same goes for athletes. Take Roger Federer as an example.

As he was getting older, he realized that he needed to change his technique to stay on top of the game. He committed from the inside to make that change.

And now he beats much younger players. Federer’s playing some of the best tennis of his life even though his body has slowed down.

This is the power of true commitment. If you want to learn how to create it in your people, see if you qualify for a free sales training session with us.