April 06, 2020

Become Better at Sales and Happier in Life with the Longest-Running Harvard Study

Salespeople know all about constantly chasing after success. They enjoy the process and feel more accomplished with each new sale. 

With that in mind, most sales leaders do their best to ignite this drive by offering incentives, most commonly financial in nature. While money does play a huge role, it can only work to a certain extent. When they get it, people soon realise that it doesn’t make them happy.

But what does?

This is exactly what a 75-year-long Harvard study wanted to uncover. The Grant and Glueck study measured the physical and mental state of two groups of people:

- 456 poor men who grew up in Boston

- 268 male Harvard graduates       

From interviews to brain scans, the study used many different tools to track the subjects’ well-being. The goal was to identify the most joyous things.

Instead of a formula, the researchers uncover a simple secret to living a fulfilling life. In the word of Harvard professor Robert Waldinger:

"The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period."

Not the number of sales you make, not the bonus you get, but simply love.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily imply a romantic relationship. Nor does it mean that you need to have a bunch of friends to be happy. It simply means that you need to develop high-quality relationships wherever you go.

It works because emotional drive plays a huge role in purchasing decisions. Think of every sales call as a means to develop a relationship with the prospect. Let them know that you’re there to help them solve a problem, not just sell something.

This will not only do wonders for your career but your whole life. So go out there and start working on meaningful relationships.

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