May 07, 2020

Your Feelings Are Your Gauge

A couple of posts ago, I talked about the Three Circles.
The facts are one of those circles are going to play a large part in shaping your emotions about a situation.
But sometimes, the facts are a little too cold. That’s especially the case when you’re dealing with a client. You know a few things about them but it’s not enough to gauge how they’re going to react to you.
This is where your feelings come in.
Your feelings are an amazing gauge when it comes to figuring out what a potential client is like.
Some call this intuition.

It’s that gut feeling that you have that might tell you the client’s going to be trouble. Or, it might tell you that this is a person that you can work with.
This is your unconscious mind communicating with you. It’s looking beyond the facts that you already know. And it’s trying to tell you what building a relationship with this person’s going to be like.
You’ve experienced this in your personal life and the same gauge affects your relationships with your clients.
And beyond that, your feelings can tell you if a situation isn’t right. They can tell you if there’s an atmosphere of distrust in the room.

Your goal is to master your unconscious mind.
You need to recognize what these feelings are really telling you – something needs to change.
Now, that may mean that you have to change how you approach the client. It may mean that you need to change some aspects of the environment.


Because these feelings can show you when fear’s going to be an issue.
If you feel like the situation isn’t quite right, you can bet your client feels it too. And that uneasy feeling’s going to affect their perception of you and, ultimately, their buying decision.
It’s time to take control of these feelings and learn how to use them to your advantage.
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