October 30, 2023

Your Fear Could be Affecting Your Sales

What type of fears are imagined and what type are real?

The Fear of Financial Failure?
The Fear of not being liked?
The Fear of Humiliation?
The Fear of Change?
The Fear of Failure?
The Fear of Success?

How do we respond to the fear response to overcome the fear response?

Do you sometimes feel held back by invisible fears?

What causes that discomfort when faced with change?

I recently did a training session at BMW where we dived deep into these pressing questions. The outcomes? More common and relatable than you might think.
Hornsby BMW

The more you can rationally think about the response and importantly come up with a way to review the response and challenge the initial response the faster you will think and react differently next time.

Overcoming Fears is achieved by following rational process to disrupt the existing patterns, the habitual response.

I'm sharing with you a glimpse into the fears that could be influencing your sales approach.