September 25, 2023

Your Emotions in Sales: Asset or Liability?

Have you ever wondered why certain people succeed in sales and some struggle?

Have you been in the presence of someone who captivates and gets all your attention in a way that you lose yourself and find yourself being influenced without any resistance?

This person either deliberately or unconsciously displays an ability to READ you, your mind.

Picture Mr Spock doing a mind meld.

Success in professional sales reaches beyond conventional expertise and persuasive techniques. It explores how emotional intelligence (EI) relates to sales, uncovering its important aspects and effects.

EI empowers you to be more than just a salesperson; it transforms you into an influential navigator of emotions, a perceptive reader of client needs, and a skilled relationship architect.

The understanding of Emotional Intelligence doesn't just enhance your career but also significantly improves your quality of life. It forges deeper connections, supporting both career success and personal fulfillment and IMPORTANTLY Personal Influence.

How many deals have you missed because you misread the client and you might have assumed something and it was so far from what the client was and it cost you?

Think about it this way, not only do you understand the emotions of others but how valuable is it to understand what emotions you are feeling and if they are helping you or not? They have the ability to change them? How much is that skill worth to you?

Invest in getting the most of your emotional intelligence as a sales expert and explore your sales personality advantage– take the S.A.L.E. personality test today.