May 21, 2020

You Are the Sum of Your Parts

As salespeople, we tend to focus on financial goals.
We want to hit whatever target we set for ourselves. And maybe we want to achieve a certain net worth within a defined framework.
You absolutely need to have these goals to succeed as a salesperson.
However, you also need to recognize that there are other areas that you need to develop if you are to succeed.

You are the sum of all of your parts.
That means failure to create change in one area of your life can hold you back from achieving goals in other areas.
Your health and fitness is a great example. If you’re not feeling fit and healthy, you lack energy. You get fatigued quicker, which means your work starts to feel like a chore. That manifests itself as negative behaviors when you’re dealing with clients. You look worn out and you may get snappy because of how tired you are.
In the end, you start losing clients whom you’d otherwise get if you felt energized.

Thus, your health and fitness affect your financial goals.
This idea extends to all aspects of your life.
I worked with a client who identified that he had anger management issues. These issues led to behaviors that prevented him from getting more sales.
So, he had a personal development issue to work on that would impact his financial goals.
Another client wanted to build a better relationship with his partner. So, he mapped out 12 date nights, each on the last Friday of the month. And for each of these date nights, he’d take his partner to a new restaurant.

It’s simple and track-able.
Plus, it means he’s happier at home, which means he’s happier in his work.
The key is that you need to have goals in all areas of life. Everything adds up to create the successful salesperson that you want to become.
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