April 06, 2023

Why you should pay attention to your feelings?

Have you ever struggled to make a decision in the moment and you're getting uptight not knowing what to do?

What about when you're in a meeting and your clients ask you a difficult or challenging question and you instinctively know what to say but hesitate?
AND then you regret it afterwards, kicking yourself for not saying it.

Pay attention to your feelings. Feelings are signals of what is going on with you and can be used to make an adjustment at the moment. This is what being present is all about.

When you bury or discount your feelings they will come back to remind you and that you have to deal with something. So why not deal with it now?

In fact, it is demonstrating mindfulness. Your feelings allow you to get control over your emotions and actually make wise choices, instead of reactive decisions.

Just a like a tennis player, you have to learn to use this feedback mechanism to your advantage. Make decisions in the now, don't live in the past or dwell in the future. Live and make decisions in the present.

There is so much nonsense out there telling you to ignore your feelings, or f...k your feelings! DON'T!