March 24, 2023

Why the skill of reframing is crucial to sales success?

Have you struggled to change someone’s mind no matter how much sense it makes for them to go with your solution?

The challenge for most salespeople is they often experience resistance from their clients to consider another solution or idea.

So why does this happen in the first place?

Often as salespeople we’re really enthusiastic and certain that our service or product is what the client needs.

So how do we get them open up to hearing it?

One of the first things you must do is allow them to express their reasons and make it easy for them to do this.

The key here is to be curious about their reasons.
Here’s the thing about being curious about their reasons it doesn’t mean you have to accept them.

It’s like going to a therapist. You need to let the client talk.
Why you ask?

When people are allowed to talk they feel heard & respected.
Funnily enough then they become open to hearing your opinion as well.

The other skill you need is to reframe that point of view without arguing or running it down.

This is what the team The Agency in Canberra learnt was to examine the most common stalls they get and to reframe them all…live in the session.

What stalls do you get in your sales interactions?